Concerning the overall shift plan to entrance in the autumn of University of Tokyo
The questionnaire was shown to the president at 22 nationwide universities from whom Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. excluded The University of Tokyo and 16 schools of 18 schools that answered 90 percent near showed in autumn the implementation lingua positive posture in the entrance shift.
It has been understood that the student is anxious about the influence on finding employment and the official qualification examination at half a year (gap term) from internationalization promotion and the high school graduation to entrance while the expectation for can do various experiences is strong.

It is Keio University that assumed the shift to the entrance in autumn to be "Under discussion" etc.

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It has been found that junior college and university graduate's entrance proportions have increased in the practical nurse training school that can enter a school more than the junior high school graduation in Japan Medical Association's (day medicine) that carries on a lot of training schools investigation.

Practical nurse who is insisting that it ends training by Japanese Nursing Association while day medicine trains ardently, and unifies qualification with nursing master.
In the backdrop that the number of applicants increases while there is a treatment gap with the nursing master, too, there seems to be a rise of the qualification intention by the difficulty of finding employment.

University graduate man (27) in Sendaishi frequents Sendaishi academy of medicine attachment nursing school.
It entered a school , saying that "It was strong when qualified" in April this year though it found employment in small- and medium-sized enterprises after it graduated.
I will go on to school because it graduates in two years, practical nurse's qualification is taken, and it becomes a nursing master in addition.

University graduates are 16 people among 102 of those at current year who enter a school at the same school and the new graduate in the junior high school is 0.
The member of society experienced person goes up to 70 percent, and maximus is a woman of 46 years.

The source

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On the 24th Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology ..can the appointment of the teacher by spending eight years from the coming year.. ..the person net increase...  do to do finer guidance in public elementary and junior high schools, the number of upper limits of one class was brought together and new "School personnel constant improvement plan" reduced to 35 people by third grade of elementary school-3 was brought together from 40 present people in in the first grade of elementary school and the second grade of elementary school by 30 people.

The reduction of the number of upper limits of classes : after an interval of about 30 years from fiscal year 1980 of the reduction from 45 people to 40 present people.
The constant improvement plan becomes after the seventh is planned of 2001 - fiscal year 2005. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology shortly announces formally, and includes the first year in the budget demand for the coming year.
The amendment bill of the law that provides the number of upper limits of classes is scheduled to be fil to next year's regular session of the Diet.

About 1 and 2nd * elementary school grader that reduces the number of upper limits of classes of first grade of elementary school-in six years from fiscal year 2011 3 to 35 people, this plan locates, and reduces the number of upper limits up to 30 people further at the last 17-18 fiscal years of the plan at especially important time for adjusting to the school. ――The one. The additional burden forehead in the country becomes about 40 billion yen.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology is assuming that it wants to increase the constant by tens of thousands of person dimension when the voice to request the few people class to promote becomes strong and financial resources can be secured.

The Democratic Party placed promotion of the few people class in the pillar of the educational policy, and it included it in the manifesto in House of Councilors election in July.
However, the each ministry agency and cutting short are requested in cash-strapped public finances, and it is opaque whether to achieve all this plans as it is.

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